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We have a standardized and environmentally controlled facility, where our surgical dressing, medical gauze, and other wound care products are produced strictly according to GMP, FDA, and EN standards. Our facility also includes a Class 100,000 cleaning room to help ensure the sterility of our products. Our entire staff of 500 has received professional training. In addition, we have many qualified and well-trained inspectors who perform quality evaluations throughout the production process, including inspection of raw material, packaging, chemical materials, water, and semi-finished as well as finished products. In every workshop, we have a special QA or QC staff member who inspects, supervises, and controls the production and processing procedures. Furthermore, we posses our own lab in which we conduct testing and inspections, including Bioburden testing, on our medical gauze sponge, medical cotton pad, elastic bandages, and all our other wound care products according to pharmacopoeia and our clients' specifications. Because of our strict quality control efforts, we have passed the ISO, and our products have passed CE, and FDA certifications, and all our production management, quality control, and inspection procedures meet the ISO13485 and FDA part 820 requirements. We at Kingphar produce only high quality and qualified medical gauze ball, medical cotton, surgical cap, etc., so our valued clients can feel secure in using our wound care products.

Because Hubei is the main base of cotton in China, and Qianjiang is one of the primary sources of gauze supply, we can obtain our materials at competitive prices. Up-to-date processes and an improved manufacturing facility allow us to streamline our manufacturing and integrate the weaving, bleaching, processing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping of our products, to keep the costs at a competitive level in the industry. All of these reasons enable us to offer our medical cotton pad, dental cotton roll, surgical cap, non woven sponge, and other fine wound care products at competitive prices.

Our company is located in Qianjiang City in Hubei Province, close to the Wuhan Airport, the Chongqing Highway, the Yangtze and Han Rivers, and we are also adjacent to Shanghai. This convenient geographic location allows us to directly load into our warehouse for any type of shipment, saving transportation costs and helping us to avoid package damage. At Kingphar, we have import and export rights and have earned an excellent reputation in the international market. That is how we are able to export our medical surgical dressing, medical gauze rolls and other wound care product to more than 60 countries and regions around the world including, but not limited to, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Portugal, the U.K, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Bolivia, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Libya, and Kenya.

Hubei Qianjiang Kingphar Medical Material Co, Ltd produces disposable products for medical care like gauze sponge, lap sponge, cotton dental roll, cotton pad, cotton ball, compress bandage, elastic bandage and others. Our products have the main characteristic of good absorption suitable for sterilization, including absorbent gauze, gauze swab, lap sponge, gauze ball, drain sponge and surgical sponge.

Disposable products used in medical care and surgery to fix dressing and hold on articulations or muscular masses are also manufactured in Kingphar Medical like elastic bandage, gauze bandage, triangular bandage and crepe bandages. Other kinds of products are the dental care line, cosmetics and home care treatment for absorption and cleaning like cotton roll, cotton ball, dental sponge and roll, post-op sponge, surgical pad and many others.

Kingphar Medical has standardized facilities for medical supplies producing. This production environment control is executed strictly according to GMP, FDA and EN standards, with Class 100,000 cleaning room. With professional and well trained inspectors to perform all related inspection and testing, we make sure that raw materials, packages, chemical supplies, water, semi-finished products and finished products has the best quality processed with the highest standards.

To double ensure quality and sanitation, we have our own Lab with highly skilled inspectors to make tests according with pharmacopoeia and customers' specification, including Bioburden testing. After passing ISO, CE and FDA audits, complying with all requirements of production management under ISO13485 and FDA part 820 and offering professional training to all our staff, we are prepared and confident in exporting our products to the world.