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Kingphar Medical is a specialized medical gauze, medical cotton and bandage manufacturer in China. We provide a vast range of products, including medical gauze sponge, laparotomy sponge, cosmetic cotton, cotton ball, and much more.

Main Products
  • Cotton BallThis is a ball formed by soft 100% medical absorbent cotton fiber. The ball is mechanically shaped and it has excellent absorbency, it is soft causing no irritation. This kind of cotton ball has multiple uses in medical fields to clean wounds with hydrogen peroxide or iodine. It is also needed to apply topical ointments such us salves and creams and to stop blood after vaccinations or mild injuries.
    Sometimes is also needed in surgical procedures or to pad a wound before is bandaged. Another ...
  • Dental Cotton RollThis dental cotton roll is made from 100% pure absorbent cotton, rolled by machine automatically into a cylinder shape with good wrapping to avoid losing threads. It provides exceptional spongy function to soak up saliva, water, blood or other liquids. The cotton has a soft feeling with no irritation problems and it complies with the USP, BP and EP requirements. Along with the absorbency purpose, the dental cotton roll makes space inside the patient's mouth allowing the dentist an appropriate ...