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About Us
Hubei Qianjiang Kingphar Medical Material Company Ltd. (formerly Hubei Qianjiang Medicinal Material Factory) specializes in the weaving, bleaching, and manufacture of medical supplies. Our company is located in Qianjiang City in Hubei Province, a Chinese Star-City in the scenic and fruitful Jianghan Plain, close toWuhan Airport, Chongqing Highway, the Yangtze River, the Han River, and we are adjacent to Shanghai. Qianjiang is a beautiful water town, and it is one of the main production bases for cotton and rice.

Since our establishment, we have focused on the improvement of our scientific procedures as well as our management and administration. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are managed according to strict GMP standards with a cleaning room of Class 100,000. With more than 500 staff members, as well as looms, folding machines, sewing machines, sterile package equipment, pure oxygen roll-type bleaching lines, and bandage machines, our surgical dressing/medical supply production capacity is more than 500 x 40' FCL.

Our main products include our absorbent cotton gauze roll, gauze sponge, laparotomy sponge, medical gauze ball, non woven sponge, elastic bandage, cotton filled dental sponge, dental cotton roll, gauze bandage, drain sponge, absorbent cotton roll, cotton pad, cotton ball, and casting padding. All of these wound care products are available in white, green, or blue gauze, in multiple specification and gauze mesh, with or without X-ray detectability, in sterile or non-sterile packaging. We can also supply other products according to our customers' specific requests and samples. We have been granted import and export rights, and we deliver our products to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. At Kingphar, we enjoy a well-earned reputation for overall reliability and the high quality of our products.

Our trusted clients can feel secure in using our medical gauze sponge, gauze bandage, and other medical supplies. With our strict QA/QC systems, we ensure the excellent quality of our products. In 1998, we received ISO9002 and EN46002 certification from TUV Product Service GmBH, Germany, a well-known Notify Body. In 2004, we received the ISO13488 and EC 93/42EEC certification. In 2005, we passed the ISO13485:2003 audit, a professional requirement for medical devices, as well as a FDA factory audit. In addition, with our expert inspection team and complete inspection facility, we perform all related testing according to USP, BP, and EP requirements. We also have our own Bioburden testing facility, where we can conduct all testing and control measures necessary to ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our clients.

Kingphar Medical's mission is to provide quality satisfaction, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and excellent service to all our customers. We are dedicated to serving our clients in all ways, always.

Development History
In 1954, our factory was established as a manufacturer of handcrafted products.
In 1983, our factory, named Qianjiang Nr.2 Weaving Factory, specialized in weaving medical gauze.
In 1987, we began manufacturing gauze sponges.
In 1989, we moved to our first manufacturing facility, which met the GMP standards for bleaching, sterile packaging, and lap sponges.
In 1996, we began manufacturing bandage products and machine folding for gauze sponges.
In 1998, we became ISO9002 and EN46002 certified, FDA registered, and approved as a foreign trade enterprise. We also increased our production lines to include our cotton-filled sponge, gauze ball, non-woven sponge, drain sponge, post-op sponge, and more.
In 2001, the factory changed to a private business and was named Kingphar Medical Material Company Ltd. We also increased our folding machines to produce more gauze sponges.
In 2002, we bought a garment factory to increase our production capacity of lap sponges, zig-zag fold gauze, and gauze bandages.
In 2004, we received the ISO13488 and CE certificates. We also increased our number of folding machines and ran the automatic sterile packaging process for sterile 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's, both in pouch and blister packaging. We invested in a new manufacturing facility with GMP standards and cleaning rooms. We also established Kingphar Korea.
In 2005, we became ISO13485:2003 certified. We changed the bleaching processing from bale to roll type, and successfully moved a bleaching line into a new facility.
In 2006, Wuhan office was established. We then passed the FDA 4-days factory audit. Our new facility began its operation. We also established a new factory for medical cotton and cosmetic cotton products.
In 2009, we invested in an air-jet loom facility and EO sterilization facility.

[30-06-2011] Our new production line for our alcohol cotton pad was finished.
[20-06-2011] Kingphar Medical passed the Recertification Audit for ISO13485 and received the new ISO13485 certificate from TUV.
Kingphar Medical passed the Surveillance Audit for MDD93/42/EEC, and the current EC-certificates are still kept valid.
Kingphar Medical passed the audit of ETO Sterilization Service for Medical Devices, and received the certificate of ISO 13485 and ISO 11135-1 from TUV.
[01-06-2010] Kingphar Medical is awarded the title of "Hubei Provincial Enterprise".
[19-05-2010] Kingphar passed the ISO & EC yearly audit by TUV Product Service GmbH, including the expansion audit for cotton products and EO sterilization facility.
[16-10-2009] Kingphar invested in hard-blister packaging.
[10-09-2009] Kingphar invested in EO sterilization stations.
[01-06-2009] Kingphar invested in a new weaving workshop with an air-jet loom.
[28-03-2009] The cotton factory in Qianjiang began running for the production of surgical cotton, cosmetic cotton, cotton pad, dental cotton, cotton ball, undercast padding, and so on.
[23-03-2009] In order to meet our future development program as well as to provide better service, we moved our sales office in Wuhan to a new office, with double the previous area.
[10-01-2009] Kingphar was awarded as an Excellent Enterprise for 2008 by the government.
[04-04-2007] Mr. Yu Zheng Sheng, one of China's top leaders, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and chief secretary of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, visited Kingphar.
[04-03-2007] Our new facility passed the ISO & EC audit by TUV Product Service GmbH.
[10-10-2006] We moved into new production facility.
[23-06-2006] We passed the FDA 4-days factory audit.
10-03-2006] We passed the ISO & EC yearly audit by TUV Product Service GmbH.

Main Products
  • Medical Gauze SpongeThe medical gauze sponge has been bleached with high temperature and high pressure by pure oxygen. Made from 100% absorbent cotton, it is finished with a fine mesh to avoid lint. It's highly absorbent and it can be cut as any size required and then fold into multiple sizes and plies. It is primary folded with edges inside to avoid thread losing. It is made under USP, EP and BP requirements. ...
  • Laparotomy SpongeA laparotomy sponge is formed from a large quantity of open-meshed 100% cotton bleached and covered by absorbent gauze filled with rayon non-woven fabric. After the pre-washing process, the yarns of each ply are twisted and interconnecting into the adjacent plies of the gauze. Therefore, the plies are together, almost in conjunction, increasing its softness and elasticity and reducing loose threads. ...