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Triangular Bandage

The triangular bandage is also called a cravat bandage. It has a right-angled triangle shape and secured with safety pins. It is non-stretch used to hold gauze in its original place. It comes in multiple gauze meshes, woven or nonwoven, bleached or unbleached. The triangular bandage comes in individual packages with two safety pins, always complying with USP, BP and EP requirements. It is useful as sling for broken arms, broken collar bones or dislocated shoulders.

Size and Package Specifications of the Triangular Bandage
37" x 37" x 52" 12 pcs/doz, 20 doz/case
40" x 40" x 56" 12 pcs/doz, 20 doz/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

We are a China-based triangular bandage manufacturer and supplier. We also offer surgical mask, medical gauze, dental cotton roll, cosmetic cotton, and much more.

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