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Nonwoven Ball

The nonwoven ball is a disposable product used in medical care, surgery, wound treatment and absorption. It can be shaped in round, flat or hat forms with X-ray detection. It comes non-sterile or sterile and is suitable for sterilization after purchased. Available in paper-paper or paper-film pouch and blister packs that can be soft or hard blister, the nonwoven ball has been made under USP, EP and BP standards.

Size and Package Specifications of the Nonwoven Ball
10 cm x 10 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 60 bags/case
15 cm x 16 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 60 bags/case
20 cm x 20 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 40 bags/case
25 cm x 26 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 30 bags/case
30 cm x 30 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 20 bags/case
30 cm x 40 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 15 bags/case
40 cm x 50 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 10 bags/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

Kingphar Medical is a professional nonwoven ball manufacturer in China. Our company offers a broad range of products, including medical gauze sponge, surgical mask, non woven sponge, elastic bandage, and much more.

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