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Drain Sponge

The drain sponge comes in multiple gauze mesh, woven and non-woven, in Y-cut and I-cut shapes, and complies with USP, BP and EP standards. Non-sterile or sterile, it is made with rayon and polyester and fine mesh plus highly absorbent properties. No loose threads or lint is warranted, with wide selection and flexibility.

The drain sponge is specifically designed with pre-cut fenestration to fit around most drains, tubes or catheters with minimal sticking to wounds. This not-reusable product is extensively used in medical care, surgery, wound treatment and absorption especially for tracheotomy. It can be sterilized after purchased. Different packages are available like paper-paper or paper-film pouch and blister pack.

Size and Package Specifications of the Drain Sponge
2" x 2"- 6 ply 200 pcs/bag, 40 bags/case
4" x 4"- 6 ply 200 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case
2" x 2"- 6 ply 2's, 35 pouches/box, 20 boxes/case
4" x 4"- 6 ply 2's, 25 pouches/box, 12 boxes/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

We are a drain sponge manufacturer based in China. At Kingphar Medical we offer a vast range of products, including cosmetic cotton, cotton ball, medical gauze sponge, surgical mask, and more.

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