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Medical Cotton Pad

The 100% absorbent pure cotton medical pad has no chemicals and it has been processed with twelve times carding and it has high quality cotton fiber to provide the superb absorbency. It is smooth and soft, with no irritation and no lint or loosing thread inconvenience. It can be prepared with pre-alcohol and pre-iodine for direct nurse using.

The medical cotton pad is commonly used for medical and surgery purposes to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or venipuncture. This is a new square shape that is replacing the cotton ball lately to save costs and is still easy to use with more absorbency than traditional square gauze swabs from the same size.

The medical cotton pad has also applications in home skin treatment, especially for baby care. It is available in multiple dimensions, weight and packages. Non-sterile and sterile, it always complies with USP, EP and BP conditions. Paper-paper or paper-film pouch and blister packs are available as well.

Size and Package Specifications of the Medical Cotton Pad
4 cm x 4 cm 500 g/bag, 20 bag/carton
5 cm x 5 cm 200 pcs/bag, 10 bag/carton
7.5 cm x 7.5 cm 200 pcs/bag, 10 bag/carton
10 cm x 10 cm 200 pcs/bag, 10 bag/carton

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

Our company is a specialized medical cotton pad manufacturer in China. Apart from cotton ball, elastic bandage, we also provide absorbent cotton wool, cosmetic cotton, and more.

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