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Post-Op Gauze Sponge

The post-op gauze sponge has multiple gauze mesh to choice, it can be woven or nonwoven, manual or machine folding and non-sterile or sterile. It comes with cotton and tissue inner layer or only tissue inner layer. Fulfilling requirements for USP, BP and EP, it is made from 100% cotton absorbent gauze, with both absorbent cotton fiber and tissue filler.

Special three layers design provides super absorption of liquid and blood in a fast way for the post-op gauze sponge. With edges folded inside to prevent losing threads, it is used for medical purposes, dental, surgery, wound treatment and is suitable for sterilization. Multiple packages are available, paper-paper or paper film pouch and blister pack.

Size and Package Specifications of the Post-Op Gauze Sponge
3" x 3" 100 pcs/paper bag 40 bags/case
3" x 4" 100 pcs/paper bag 20 bags/case
4" x 4" 100 pcs/paper bag 20 bags/case
3" x 4" 2's, 25 pouches/box 24 boxes/case
4" x 4" 2's, 25 pouches/box 24 boxes/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

As a specialized post-op gauze sponge manufacturer in China, our company also produces cosmetic cotton, trach gauze sponge, laparotomy sponge, cotton undercast padding, and more.

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