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Laparotomy Sponge

A laparotomy sponge is formed from a large quantity of open-meshed 100% cotton bleached and covered by absorbent gauze filled with rayon non-woven fabric. After the pre-washing process, the yarns of each ply are twisted and interconnecting into the adjacent plies of the gauze. Therefore, the plies are together, almost in conjunction, increasing its softness and elasticity and reducing loose threads.

The laparotomy sponge is made from fine cotton fabric to provide the highest absorbency free of lint and it is available in multiple sizes and plies with wide product selection and flexibility. It is a disposable product extensively used in medical care and surgery, wound treatment and absorption. It can be sterilized after purchased, however it is available already uncontaminated.

The laparotomy sponge is available in multiple mesh choices with different weight and threads amount as well. White, green or blue colors are available with metal or plastic ring options. There are other alternatives to consider like X-ray detectable chip or threads, pre-washed or unwashed, CSR or plastic paper wrap, blue or white cotton loop, paper-paper or paper-film pouch and blister pack, etc. No matter the choice, it is always made under USP, EP and BP requirements.

Size and Package Specifications of the Laparotomy Sponge
20 cm x 30 cm - 4 ply 1450 pcs/case
20 cm x 30 cm - 6 ply 500 pcs/case
30 cm x 30 cm - 4 ply 1500 pcs/case
30 cm x 30 cm - 6ply 1200 pcs/case
45 cm x 45 cm - 4 ply 480 pcs/case
45 cm x 45 cm - 6 ply 500 pcs/case
50 cm x 60 cm - 4 ply 340 pcs/case
50 cm x 60 cm - 6 ply 400 pcs/case
90 cm x 08 cm - 4 ply 1500 pcs/case
40 cm x 40 cm - 4 ply 400 pcs/case
20 cm x 20 cm -12 ply 1000 pcs/case
30 cm x 30 cm -12 ply 800 pcs/case
45 cm x 45 cm -12 ply 300 pcs/case
18" x 18" - 4 ply 800 pcs/case
12" x 12" - 4 ply 1400 pcs/case
4" x 18" - 4 ply 2800 pcs/case
8" x 36" - 4 ply 800 pcs/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

Kingphar Medical is a specialized laparotomy sponge manufacturer based in China. We also supply post-op gauze sponge, medical gauze sponge, cotton ball, surgical mask, and much more.

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