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Medical Gauze Ball

The medical gauze ball is made from 100% absorbent cotton gauze, with fine weave and high absorbency. The gauze fabric cut has been folded into a small ball with the edges in the inside to avoid loose threads. It can also have a rubber ring inside to fix better. In this way, it is easier to use it in wound treatments, skin disinfection and cleaning.

The medical gauze ball is available in multiple gauze mesh and different weight. It can have 17 threads, 20 threads or more. Round, flat or hat shaped, it can be non-sterile or sterile and it has multiple choices for packages, including paper-paper or paper-film pouch, soft or hard blister pack, etc. The medical gauze ball complies with USP, EP and BP, available with or without X-ray detectable threads.

Size and Package Specifications of the Medical Gauze Ball
10 cm x 10 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 60 bags/case
15 cm x 16 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 60 bags/case
20 cm x 20 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 40 bags/case
25 cm x 26 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 30 bags/case
30 cm x 30 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 20 bags/case
30 cm x 40 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 15 bags/case
40 cm x 50 cm 100 pcs/plastic bag 10 bags/case

Custom-made weight, package and other specifications are available.

As a professional medical gauze ball manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce medical cutting gauze, elastic bandage, laparotomy sponge, cosmetic cotton, among others.

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